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Adventures Unlimited is a prestigious adventurer’s guild located in a yet undetermined city. Since its founding eight years ago, by entrepreneur and retired adventurer Damen Casseck, it has become the launching point or base of operations for countless expeditions, a respected club for retired heroes, a haven of study for scholars and archaeologists, and a valuable resource for Pathfinders across the world.

The Founding

When Damen "Silverhand Casseck decided to retire from his life as a Hero for Hire, he did not want to fade quietly into the night, becoming just another washed up old explorer swapping stories at the local tavern. Casseck was still in love with the Adventure, and while he no longer had the heart for it himself, he was not about to abandon that world completely.

As the son of a wealthy and successful businessman, Casseck had the finances and social standing to start pretty much any capital venture he would like. He chose to use his connections and considerable reputation from his years of adventure to form a sort of social hub for others like him. His goals were threefold: first, to provide a resource to young adventurers who needed advice, guidance, or just moral support from those with experience; second, to compile a profile of active adventurers—not just their skills and qualifications, but their moral character and personal histories, so as to match each person or group with the jobs they are best suited; and third, to further develop his personal connections in order to move forward on a number of personal projects.

Building the Brand

For the first year or so, the experiment was somewhat of a failure. Unable to attract much interest from younger active adventurers, the club was less of a proper guild and more of a glorified gentleman’s (and women’s) retreat for retirees. Frustrated with the prospect of his grand idea devolving into a fancier version of simply swapping stories at the local tavern, Casseck decided to become more aggressive in his recruitment methods.

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